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I need to see some palm trees and some sand before I go absolutley mad!! Hopefully by August me and my bf will be headed to NYC (again) and L.A. Nothing is getting in the way of my vactaion, I can't wait! I would really like it though if me and girls could go to South Beach too, it would be ammmmmmazingggg! But alas, only 3 out of the 5 can only go which sucks.

This weekend was pretty eventful i guess? Well I went to systems on Thursday night and they totally changed it around. It looks good, but I felt like a senior citizen up in that joint. Everyone in there was at least 18-19...with fake id's. I feel so old..I think thats a good sign to stop going to clubs like that. On Friday it was pretty chill night, I spent some quality time with my bf. We stayed in and watched a movie 13 going on 30...such a cute movie! (My bf has the hook-up when it comes to newly released movies). On Saturday, I went shopping at H&M during the day with my sis. Then at night I went to DMC's. It was kinda boring since it was 4 hours of dj's scratching and a bunch of backpackers. I only went to support a friend that was in the competition.

Anyways, i can't wait for mid-July for when I get the house ALL to myself. My parents are going to Las Vegas and my sis will be in Greece...can't wait. Sleepovers...yay!


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